e-Tax Invoice & e-Receipt application

If you are an accounting firm who want to facilitate your customers to create e-Tax Invoice & e-Receipt documents and want additional income from the e-Tax Invoice & e-Receipt document generation program.

If you are a SAP Consultant who helps customers to use SAP software or other ERP systems that want to facilitate your customers. To be able to issue e-Tax Invoice & e-Receipt documents from the original software system. And want additional income from e-Tax Invoice & e-Receipt document creation service.

If you are a software company who want to facilitate the creation of e-Tax Invoice & e-Receipt documents for your customers And want additional income from the service of creating documents e-Tax Invoice & e-Receipt.

If you are a Service Provider who wants to use a system for creating, delivering and storing e-Tax Invoice & e-Receipt that can connect to a variety of external programs. with many partners and want to focus only on sales Don't want to waste time managing software. and need income from creating documents, e-Tax Invoice & e-Receipt


You will earn income every month and increase. according to the number of customers and the number of e-Tax Invoice & e-Receipt documents generated by your customers

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Leceipt e-Tax Invoice & e-Receipt Document Generator


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