e-Tax Invoice & e-Receipt service

e-Tax Invoice & e-Receipt without paper !

e-Tax Invoice & e-Receipt in form of PDF. You can send the PDF file to your customer via Email & SMS.


Guaranteed! Submit files to the Revenue Department,

100% complete, all files.

e-Document preparation

  • Create documents through the website.
  • Create documents via Excel Upload.
  • Create documents from external systems such as Shopee, Lazada, PEAK account systems, etc.
  • Generate a document from an API.

Full services

  • Certificate request service.
  • There is a certificate storage device.
  • Registration service in e-Tax Invoice & e-Receipt form of with Ultimate Sign & Viewer program.
  • There is an API to connect.

Documents as PDF/A-3 and XML

  • PDF/A-3 files are used for sending to customers.
  • XML file sent to the Revenue Department.
Both files are digitally signed. With PKI (Public Key Infrastucture) technology, it is standardized and very secure.

Why choose us

  • You can customize the document format.
  • Send documents via email from the system immediately.
  • Able to send a link to download documents via SMS.
  • A certificate storage device is available.
  • Automatically deliver XML files to the Revenue Department.
  • File delivery report with reference number from the Revenue Department.

About the Leceipt

We are an electronic document preparation system that help your business issue documents in electronic format. To reduce the cost of printing documents instead of paper formats. It helps both to reduce the cost and time of document delivery.

Document files are supported in both PDF/A-3 format which can be sent by email and SMS, as well as XML format for delivery to the Revenue Department. Our electronic documents are digitally signed on the documents. This prevents the forgery and wear of the information in the document.

Supported Documents

1. e-Tax Invoice & e-Receipt

  • Receipt/Tax Invoice.
  • Receipt/ Abbreviated Tax Invoice.
  • Receipt.
  • Invoice/Tax Invoice.
  • Delivery/Tax Invoice.
  • Tax Invoice.
  • Debit note.
  • Credit note.

2. Business documents

In this section, Banks selections and QRCode for PromptPay systems are also added.

  • Quotation.
  • Billing Note.
  • Invoice.
  • Documents supporting withholding tax.
  • Other.

3. Reports

  • Sales Tax Report.
  • XML Delivery Report.
  • Value Added Tax Return under the Revenue Code (P.P.30).
  • Other.

Create an e-Tax Invoice/e-Receipt document from external programs

You can connect to external programs to issue e-Tax Invoice/e-Receipt documents. No need to waste time to re-enter new data one by one again, such as online shopping programs from Shopee, Lazada, JD-Central, online accounting programs such as PEAK Xero, TRCloud, as well as order management programs like Shipnity, etc.

Create an e-Tax Invoice/e-Receipt document. via upload from Microsoft Excel

Suitable for users who want to create e-Tax Invoice/e-Receipt documents for multiple files come out at once.

Generate e-Tax Invoice/e-Receipt document from API.

If the user already has an old account system program. We provide API connectivity for you, including integration with e-Tax Invoice/e-Receipt. Connect to your old system By Leceipt's developer team, which does not waste time installing a new accounting program.


We have a brochure brochure at the service. Which shows detailed information about the Leceipt program. We have a brochure file available for download at the PNG below 


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