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This section is for the media of Leceipt e-Tax Invoice & e-Receipt issuing program that includes both logo images as well as brochure documents, include the example of Leceipt programe image that can be downloaded and used. And information about the Leceipt program can be found in details as follows.

Leceipt Logo Brand

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We have a brochure brochure at the service. Which shows detailed information about the Leceipt program. We have a brochure file available for download at the PNG below 


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About Leceipt 

We are an electronic document preparation system that help your business issue documents in electronic format. To reduce the cost of printing documents instead of paper formats. It helps both to reduce the cost and time of document delivery.


Document files are supported in both PDF/A-3 format which can be sent by email and SMS, as well as XML format for delivery to the Revenue Department. Our electronic documents are digitally signed on the documents. This prevents the forgery and wear of the information in the document.




1. e-Tax Invoice & e-Receipt

  • Receipt/Tax Invoice.
  • Receipt/ Abbreviated Tax Invoice.
  • Receipt.
  • Invoice/Tax Invoice.
  • Delivery/Tax Invoice.
  • Tax Invoice.
  • Debit note.
  • Credit note.


2. Business documents

In this section, Banks selections and QRCode for PromptPay systems are also added.

  • Quotation.
  • Billing Note.
  • Invoice.
  • Documents supporting withholding tax.
  • Other.


3. Reports

  • Sales Tax Report.
  • XML Delivery Report.
  • Value Added Tax Return under the Revenue Code (P.P.30).
  • Other.



Just a few click for sending PDF file via SMS.




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