How to add an image to a document.

You can add a company logo image or a signature image. On documents from the Leceipt system, every document, which has the following steps, how to do it.

1. Convert the image to base64 format by visiting the . Then select the image that you want to convert to base64 and press the button. Copy to clipboardas shown below.

2. Open notepad program and type <img src=“base64 image” /> and insert the base64 image data into the picture below.

3. Go to the menu on the left, Settings, ->press the รูปแบบเอกสาร (Document format).

4. Put all the information in step 2 into the HTML Code section where you want. The example below is inserted into line 98.

5. Press the ดูตัวอย่างเอกสาร (Document example).

6. Press the บันทึก (Save) button. The system will save the document format. After this, when the document is created the document generated from the system will be formatted as shown on the screen.