How to remove stamp background.

This section describes removing the stamp background. Generally, it is necessary to erase the background so that it does not overlap the text on the document, for example.

Stamp image with background attached.

From the figure below, you can see that the stamp has a background. which will cover the text on the document.

Stamp image with background removed.

From the figure below with the background removed. The background will not overlap or obscure important messages as shown in the picture.

How to remove stamp background

  1. The stamp background can be removed with a very easy erase method. Introducing the

2. Upload the stamp on the Upload Image button.

3. Which will find the stamp, the system has already removed the background.

4. Able to download stamps to use (This will be a .png file extension, which will support image objects without background). Click on the download button.

5. Apply the stamp that has been removed from the background.