How to apply for a package to use.

In general, we provide 20 documents per month for free. But if you would like to use our services more than that, you have to pay us a fee by paying via credit or debit card, which can be charged monthly or annually depending on your convenience.

1. Go to package application page.

At ตั้งค่า (Setting) click on การชำระเงิน (Payment).

After that, you will go to the page “Payment” and go to the รายละเอียดการใช้งาน (Detail) and click on เปลี่ยน (Change).

2. Payment packages.

Click on เปลี่ยนแพ็กเกจ (Change package) จwhich is divided into 2 main parts, package selection and payment method selection.

In part of เลือกแพ็กเกจ (Package selection) of our current services offer great value package, which divided into 2 packages.

  • Starter package for 100 documents/month.
  • SME package for 200 documents/month.

By selection รายเดือน (Monthly) or แบบรายปี (Annually) (paying annually with a discount).

100 documents/month SME 200 documents/month
(Price does not include 7% VAT)
399 Bath 799 Bath
(Prices do not include 7% VAT and discounts)
4,788 Bath 9,588 Bath

3. Example of package selection and payment.

Example in case of monthly payment To select a package by clicking แพ็คเกจเริ่มต้น 100 เอกสาร/เดือน (Starter package for 100 documents/month) then go to รายเดือน/รายปี (Monthly/Annually). If you want to choose to pay monthly, click ชำระรายเดือน 399 บาท/เดือน (Monthly 399 Bath/month).

which will show the price including 7% VAT as shown in the picture.

At สรุปคำสั่งซื้อ (Order Summary)scroll down to the bottom there will be ชำระเงิน (Pay).

* Before clicking on “Payment”, read the agreement. Then click on เงื่อนไขและข้อตกลงการใช้งาน (Terms and Conditions of Use).

And click ชำระเงิน (Pay) to pay.

After that, the system will ask for information of payment via บัตรเครดิต/บัตรเดบิต (Credit/Debit).

Wait a moment for the system to process.

When successful, it will show as shown below.

That means we have now changed the package to 100 documents/month.